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Why "The Girl Who Knew There Was More"?

Youth Fiction was not the route I wanted to go when publishing my first fictional novel, but it was the direction I felt called to travel down. Last summer I began writing all the ideas I had in my head for potential books. It ended up being over 30,000 words divided between multiple stories. I had, what felt like, a million "story starts" on my computer.

I finally threw my hands up and said, "What am I supposed to do?"

It was at this point, when it wasn't my own desire fueled by hoping to write the "next big thing" that magically would get picked up by an agent and publisher, that I found clarity.

I had started this story about a girl named Ava. It was a little tale that had sparked something within me enough to write down the main idea of it. This girl wanted to believe there was more for her. I felt this prompting to write and finish this story for my own three children.

As a mom, I've realized that not all book content is written with fantastic morals. In our homeschool curriculum there is an exercise where you categorize books--figuring out what books are good for the heart and mind and which are not. I've told my kids that sometimes picking books is like picking friends. You are looking for ones that influence you in the best ways.

I wanted to write something for them that had a classic feel to it, one that didn't fit the mold of modern tales of today. I also wanted to include little lessons woven into the storyline and create an ending that warmed the heart, making you feel hopeful and confident in who you are in Jesus.

And so, I wrote Ava's story.

It's a story I ended up needing. A story that reminded me that what I write, while it is a reflection on me, is an opportunity to reflect something much more. I can use my writing to share about Jesus in the way of an allegorical tale that embraces creativity, family, friendship, and hope.

I don't expect it to be loved by all, as nothing that is written ever is. However, I am so incredibly grateful that this story was placed on my heart to create for my children. They absolutely love it and are impatiently waiting for the sequel which is coming soon.

Thank you to all who have and will support me through this book. Every copy purchased is a blessing and maybe one day, someone will get it into the hands of hundreds! What a blessing that will be to know so many are reading about Ava and the hope she found in Jesus!

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