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Meet The Sonshine Sister Club!

I am so excited about this new book series that will be releasing December 2023! YES, this year! And I'm not just releasing one...I'm releasing two books in a series that could have upwards of twenty books!

Something I've noticed as I've worked on creating a library for my children is the lack of books that feature homeschooled children. Honestly, it's not something I ever thought about before I began homeschooling my own children over three years ago. I've tried finding modern, relatable books that my girls can find humor, honesty, and lessons to help them navigate different parts of life as a homeschooled child. Then I realized...I can write them!

I have had so much fun creating these characters that include five girls that are all different. Only two are homeschooled, the main character, Andie, and her friend Emma. Two attend public school and one attends private school. They also attend different churches, besides Andie and Sam. I wanted a variety of school and church choices among the girls because the older I get I realize the expectations and judgments we place on one another as adults and how we can project that onto our own children. These girls all have different lives, but what isn't so different is the reason they created The Sonshine Sister Club--they all want to become more like Jesus.

They meet once a week to discuss how they see Jesus working in their life through their prayer requests which are all gathered in a glittered notebook. When a prayer is answered, Sam places a heart beside it.

These books take the feel of The Babysitter's Club but add in Jesus and homeschooling. They have been so fun to write and I will warn you, real life is discussed. Hormones. Mistakes. Insecurities. Fights with siblings. Fights with friends. Hates. Loves. All of it.

The point of each book is to take something that is a very real problem at that age and to write a story that shows how to grow through it.

I really hope you will love this series. My girls do. They are my "in house test readers". I was reading the first book to my youngest and I read something about homeschool co-op. She interupted me and said, "Hey! We go to homeschool co-op!" I teared up just knowing that something I have the ability to create is something that makes my own children feel seen in the books they read.

Stay tuned for the official release date! Follow me over on Instagram for more @shelbeykendallauthor

Hope and Smiles,


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