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I’m Shelbey, and yes, I’ve always wanted to write books. I used to write diary entries about my dreams of becoming an author. It was also featured on my vision board that hung up on a baby blue wall in my bedroom along with wanting to watch wild horses run and marry Josh Hartnett. Spoiler alert: I didn’t marry Josh Hartnett. I married Justin Kendall, and he was a much better, more handsome option.

What I didn’t know when I was younger is that I would be homeschooling our children, working from home, and living on a three-acre homestead where we have a milk cow, mini cow, chickens, and pigs. None of those things were in my diary or dream board.

And yet, what a beautiful life God had planned for me! Sometimes I wish I could peek at the vision board He has created for me, but instead I’m always in the process of learning how to be at peace with the light before my feet and what He has allowed me to see of what is to come.

Some fast facts about me:

  • I fell into a pond through ice when my husband and I hadn’t yet officially started dating.

  • We met and married within six months.

  • I always prefer eating at home. If we are going to eat out, I’d rather get it “to go” and bring it home.

  • I write little snippets from my own life in my fiction. At least, nods towards real life circumstances, people, or situations. I think this adds a little extra fun for my readers who really know me and makes it a little more special for me.

  • I don’t have a favorite color. I truly love too many.

  • I love Jesus and I pray that my life and what I write reflects His goodness through me.  


I hope you love the books I’ve written for my kids and your kids! I am very honored to add options in this age range of reading (geared towards ages 8+) that have storylines that talk about Jesus. My classical series, The Girl Who Knew There Was More and The Boy Who Was Found include more allegory and the discovery of God’s love and hope in the world around the characters. My modern series, The Sonshine Sister Club, which is ongoing, features a homeschooled main character with relatable circumstances. The goal of this series is to figure out how to become more like Jesus as the girls go through situations that feel like real life, hopefully giving tangible advice and wisdom to the reader to navigate through similar circumstances in their own life. 

Thank you for supporting me and my family!  

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