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The Girl Who Knew There Was More

A hope filled story about a girl who believed there was something more.

Ava has never known anywhere other than Dryden, a town that seems to be composed of shades of gray. Everyone is expected to live according to the expectations that have been decided for them, and that includes never acting like you are set apart from the rest. Ava becomes accustomed to a life that feels uniform, but her heart continues to hold onto hope that there is something more.

Then, one day, something impossible happens and Ava’s world starts to transform.

So begins the adventure that includes creativity, family, friendship, and hope that brings color back into Ava’s life. Everything begins to change, but will Ava be brave enough to share that hope with the people of Dryden? Will she allow the change in her to inspire the change in others?

It is a risk when you choose to believe there is something more, but is the risk worth the reward?

This story is one to inspire the hope in embracing the gift you’ve been given to display God’s glory and love in a world that needs His light more than ever. You are made with purpose.


The Boy Who Was Found

In the sequel to The Girl Who Knew There Was More, Jack is inspired by Ava's display of hope and takes to his pen...

Now that the truth has been discovered about Dryden, hope has come to life in its streets and homes. Jack wants to use his gift to help those who still feel lost, so he writes a story about Dante, a boy who is lost at sea and shipwrecks on Island Jada. But this isn’t just any island. It’s a magical island that only appears to those who are chosen to play a game that will either end their life or change it forever.

So, two worlds intertwine in a thrilling adventure.

The sequel to The Girl Who Knew There Was More embraces creativity, family, friendship, and hope once again, but with new challenges and characters that add magic to what Jack and Ava had previously discovered.

As Jack writes the story of Dante, will Dante discover what he’s been looking for?

Both boys must search their hearts as Dante’s story is told—sorting through the lies and searching for the truth. Will they find it? And if they do, will they choose it?

This story is one to remind you that God loves you deeply and He will not give up on you. You are precious to Him. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14


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